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Do you have a brilliant idea for a project which needs IT design or IT support, but you aren’t sure where to start? Do you need help with a website, an application or other software? Or need an intranet solution for your company? Do you have an existing piece of software which does not work as expected or which needs enhancements? Or do you need support implementing your project? You have come to the right place! Talk to us about your project and let’s collectively develop a solution!


We adjust ourselves to your needs, be that project based, sub-projects, and working within your team or independently. Although we will be working remotely, we will be in easy reach and always accessible.


We supervise your projects from start to finish and can also consult during critical stages of projects. We are proactive on a technical and conceptual level, and aim to solve problems as they arise and search for alternative solutions.


Is it a request without engagement or a concrete scenario? Contact us.

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Is it urgent?

We are prepared for anything! Locating problems and resolving them. Reviewing and advising of adjustments to project concepts.

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Stackoverflow. Specific problems. Specific solutions.

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Github. Gain insight into our code, documentation and workflow.

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Informatics by tworabbits


Documented. Tested.Robust.

Technical? What we work with:

  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Java
  • C
  • Bash
  • AngularJs
  • jQuery
  • GWT
  • Zend Framework
  • Git
  • PHPUnit
  • Composer

Our background

  • Software engineering and development: Web applications, frameworks
  • Server administration (Red Hat Enterprise Linux)
  • Network administration (web/application server instantiation and configuration, firewall, proxy and reverse proxy configuration

IT Expertise

  • Interactive web application development evaluating statistical user data on large databases (10GB +)
  • Contributing to a continuous integration platform. Components: Jenkins, Nexus, Jira, Confluence and Crowd; maven based projects; development of various extensions, administration and support
  • API for pre and post processing files transferred over OFTP
  • Micro programming ATmega32/L; touch screen; real-time clock; stepper motors; implementation in C; touchscreen api
  • tworabbits open source PHP libraries
web & design

web & design

Functional. Professional. Creative.

Complex applications

Complex applications

Our abilities are not only limited to displaying content, using specific technologies or a predefined framework, we design complex applications and all-in-one concepts while considering your existing infrastructure and software environment.

Customized, tested and robust.
We take a forward thinking, modular approach to today’s modern security environment, using contemporary, reliable and established technologies.

Simple presentation

Simple presentation

Are you looking for a successful method of presenting your business on the web? We can fulfill this requirement: graphically, conceptually, technically and professionally. Do you need a responsive design to support all common devices from smart phone to huge screens? We can develop a solution.

SEO and analysis
Let us assist in optimizing your marketing targets. We gather user data analysis using an open source solution, so that the data is collected and evaluated by your business and not Google.

Media design

Media design

Who is your audience? What is your target?
We meet your demands of navigation, appearance and content presentation according to you marketing strategy.

Do you already have a corporate design? We will adapt it to your target audience. If you do not have a corporate design? We will create a customized solution for your web or print media.



inside a massivenetwork

Are you needing a highly skilled team to meet big plans in a short time?

Do you need creative people across different fields to fulfill your idea? Ask us. We belong to network of experts in a variety of fields. Whether you need musicians, digital artists, IT specialists or managers, we will find the right skilled people for your project.

Jonas Wilhelm

Jonas Wilhelm

Bachelor of Science: Applied Computer Science

2009/2013 Employed at HP Germany
(Hewlett Packard)
Self employed since 2013

Ellen Heinrich

Ellen Heinrich

2004/2008 Technical College for Graphic Design, Stuttgart

Graduated Graphic Designer
Agency experienced
Self employed since 2009



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informatics / web / design
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